To Our Friends in Mexico

John G. Fairey

Mexican vistaThe people and flora of Mexico will always have a very special and emotional place in my heart. Today, even after 80 expeditions, the sight of the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental fills me with wonder and excitement.

Northeast Mexico is rich in natural beauty — spaces that are awesome and breathtaking. It is in your hands to ensure the future of these mysterious and magical mountains. You must take the lead in preserving and nurturing these precious resources. Mexico had the first botanical garden — so the link between culture and the flora goes back for many centuries. Mexico is made up of dynamic cultures, and all are aware and proud of this heritage. The love and care that has been given to the restoration and preservation of your history is admirable. But now that this monumental task is well under way, you must actively and assertively promote an attitude that will make all aware of the importance of your natural environments.

Overgrazing used to be a great concern. It does considerably slow down regeneration, but the damage made by animals can in no way compare with the destruction brought about by man's over development and technology coupled with greed. You must not allow what has happened in the United States to occur in Mexico. In so many cases we realized too late what needed to be done. Learn from our mistakes. The mountains which surround you are virtually unspoiled. They will remain in this pristine state only if all become aware of the natural treasures that are to be found in the valleys, canyons, rolling dry plains, and on the rugged peaks.